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Pipe work insulation


Discus Thermal Insulation Ltd have specialised in applying pipe work insulation and finishes to an extremely high standard on many different sites for more than 25 years. Discus completes industrial, commercial and domestic work throughout the country, using a wide range of insulation materials and finishes to meet the client’s needs. Please see our gallery for photos of our impressive work.

Pipework materials

  • » Isover foil sections
  • » Rockwool foil sections
  • » Phenolic foam sections
  • » Kingspan thermometer foil sections
  • » Armaflex


Pipework and ductwork finishes

  • » Aluminium metal cladding
  • » Aluzinc metal cladding
  • » Stainless steel metal cladding
  • » Isogenopak grey sheeting (plastic)
  • » Venture clad
  • » P.I.B(rubber)
  • » Scrim and mastic


Ductwork insulation


Discus Thermal Insulation Ltd have extensive experience when it comes to ductwork insulation. The team has worked on many sites across London and the South East such as Royal Palaces, Pharmaceutical Sites, Museums, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Office Tower Blocks, and Breweries. Discus ensures that high quality materials and fixings are installed at the most cost efficient price point.  


Discus also undertakes noise reduction and acoustic works.


Ductwork insulation

  • » Lamella mat
  • » Rockwool slab
  • » Fibre glass ductwrap
  • » Muftilag barrier
  • » Kingspan kooltherm duct slab
  • » Selotex board


Trace heating

Discus Thermal Insulation Ltd install Delta T and Raychem Ltd systems at competitive prices. Trace heating is mainly installed on industrial and commercial sites across the country. Trace heating is a small cable that runs underneath mainly external pipes to stop them from freezing up during the colder months.

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